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Handcrafted prints that really celebrate your space. Our original prints can transform interiors to show their full potential. Explore our collection of prints, on Giclee paper for a high quality long lasting finish. We offer a bespoke service to suit your space exactly. Forget mass produced and uninspired designs, we can deliver something unique that you can feel proud to own. Limited edition prints are also available.

Lovers Sheltering

Lovers Sheltering, is a gentle heartfelt piece, as lovers do – protect, nurture and adore one another. Using mixed media.

Printed Giclee paper, produced in UK.

Gold Light Of Her

Gold Light Of Her, this piece features flower heads as simple repeats, its simplified to allow the mind to discover the gently shaped curves.

Using mix media, printed on Giclee paper, produced in UK. 

Aphrodite's Rescuer


Aphrodite’s Rescuer, is a contemporary take on Greek mythological tales. Inspired by many legends to inform this painting. In the drawing we see Pan, the god of nature and sexuality, he is half man and half goat, depicted with his horns and raised hindquarters. He is desperately seeking Aphrodite, stalking her furiously to the point of insanity in order to penetrate her. Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, bathes calmly in her sacred lagoon, innocently unaware. Hercules, a divine hero is wise to Pan’s plan and is waiting to leap out to save Aphrodite. 

Using mix media, printed on Giclee paper, produced in UK. 

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