Drawing in black light

Explore the recent collection, ‘Drawing in black light’ pays homage to the natural world, particularly plants in their natural forms, focusing on their perfected life cycle, vital aesthetic, nutritional and medicinal roles. The works are created in different mediums of art combining the traditional drawn, painted, collaged to contemporary digital manipulation to create novel discovered art, manifesting new realities.

Running into deep waters

‘Running into deep waters’ is a contemporary adaptation of Greek mythological tales. Inspired by many legends to inform these painting. Like the stories them self they are intensely descriptive of a different time and human values. Reinterpreted them using watercolours, inks and collage. These beautiful pieces bring your living spaces to life, limited edition prints are also available. We work with luxury printers in the UK to provide you with best quality service and a product that lasts.

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We are thrilled to be featured in Muddy Stiletto, Little Black Book. Inspiring & helping smart women make the most of their precious time.

All our artwork is printed & delivered to you with The Print Space; an incredible organisation offering the highest quality printing techniques and service, in London UK. ” A professional art print is made using the very best high definition equipment and finest materials, all overseen by master printers. When you order a professional print, you can instantly see the difference.”

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